IHateButterflies.com is in the NY Times!


The NY Times article by Ralph Blumenthal

Due to a recent infestation in southern Texas of butterflies, up to half a million, Ralph Blumenthal contacted me about anyone that was afraid of butterflies. Although we were unable to contact our Texan members on such short notice, we did earn a link, and 1 interview. Later I did find out that the interview of one of our members was cut out for length, but we did get a mention and a link!

As a reminder, please fill out your profiles with location so we can contact you if any news pops up in your area!

IHateButterflies Store in Beta, Forum Over 125 members!

Ihatebutterflies.com, the first official site for the phobia of butterflies and moths, would like to announce that its store is being tested and has been sent to the newsletter for any feedback our members may have. If you’d like a sneak peek, make sure you’re on the newsletter list!

The site is also proud to announce that the forums are now up to over 125 members! Why not talk to some other phobes here and discuss this ‘strange’ fear or anything else for that matter! If you have not signed up yet, check out the forums, and register today!

Forums have reached over 40 members!

I Hate Butterflies.com, the first community site dedicated to the phobia of butterflies and moths, is proud to announce that its forums have now surpassed 40 members from around the world. In a short time frame of a couple of months, the site has brought members from Europe, North America, and Asia/Pacific. If you haven’t already, please check out the forums to discuss your stories and meet these great people.

Official Launch!

IHateButterflies is proud to announce its official launch! After a couple weeks of beta feedback, the 1st design wave has been posted. This site is being modified to be XHTML 1.0 compliant and table-less in design, in order to (hopefully) allow skinnable layouts!

More sections and info will be added, but the first overall layout is complete.

IHateButterflies design underway!

The initial site of IHateButterflies.com is currently being developed. The site hopes to remain simple in design and focus on the forums as the main area of the site. News from the site will also have RSS feeds for those who have blogs that are interested in posting on their site. A store is also in the works.

Members of the official newsletter already have access to the forums as non-public announcements will be made there. If you haven’t already signed up, get moving! Feel free to pass this on to all your friends and family whom you thought was alone in their fears!